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Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA's)

A quality and effective ABA program begins with a thorough functional behavior assessment. Your child's assessment will be completed by a BCBA who will conduct in-person interviews and direct observations in your home. School and community observations may sometimes be conducted as well. An assessment serves the purpose of obtaining information about your concerns, your child's skills, areas of needed development, and challenging behaviors affecting your daily life.

We ask all of the important questions!

Asking the right questions means getting all of the information needed to develop a proper treatment plan. Each program is designed to meet the needs of the individual learner. The goal of any ABA program is to help each learner develop the skills that will help them increase their independence and their ability to participate in daily activities.

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Behavior Intervention (Direct 1:1)

Behavior Interventionists (BI's) are responsible for working directly with your child on the goals outlined in the treatment plan. BI's complete an initial 40-hour training upon hire and they receive ongoing training and support from all team members, including Parent Consultants, Supervisors, and Clinical Directors. 

Our staff are dedicated to your child's progress!

Our Behavior Interventionists are lifelong learners. A person who seeks to continually learn is one who has a passion for continuous improvement and thereby contributes in greater ways to their team's success.

Parent/Caregiver Consultation


Parent Consultation is an integral part of every treatment program. Parents, family members, and caregivers receive training so they can support learning and skill practice throughout the day. Consultation provides you with the support and strategies to help you understand your child's behavior and to create new ways to engage with them in ways that are meaningful for you and all family members.

Our consultants collaborate!

Our Parent/Caregiver Consultants work collaboratively with all team members. We provide consultation in the home setting, community settings (e.g., parks, grocery stores), (pre)school, after school care, church, or extra-curricular activities. 

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Program Supervision


A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) oversees and is responsible for the implementation of your child's treatment plan. The Supervisor evaluates progress towards goals and through data analysis and direct observations during sessions. The BCBA also provides ongoing training as new goals are introduced or modified.

Supervision occurs in your home and in the clinic via team meetings to provide additional training to team members, collaborate with Clinical Directors, analyze data, and modify the treatment plan as needed.

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